Applying graphics to sunbrella

In case you didn't know, a plain old exterior latex paint works great for adding lettering, logos, etc to Sunbrella fabric.  We used an exterior semi-gloss latex enamel.   This is the second sail cover we've done.  The first one had no signs of any fading, chipping or other degradation after 6 years, but we had to replace the sail cover so we built our own cover this time and added the lettering again.

Some people suggest starting with a color that matches the Sunbrella and then applying your final color coat over top.  This is to prevent jagged edges if your paint bleeds across the border of your design.  We did that the first time around, but didn't bother on the second cover and it still worked great.   Just draw your design on the fabric, get out the paint and brush and fill it in.

Owen Thistle